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AutoReply 365 service for Office 365
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Updated: 7-December-2017
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In Office 365 each user can control personal automatic reply settings (formerly "Out of Office assistant").

Most businesses that use Office 365 have to generate auto replies for messages sent to common corporate addresses (, etc.). Usually the companies use a combination of the shared mailbox and Outlook rule "Have server reply using a specific message". However there are some disadvantages with this method:

AutoReply 365 service has the following features:

  1. The subject line of autoreply message consists of the prefix ("Confirmation:", "Autoreply:" etc) and the Subject line of original message [1].
  2. The body of autoreply message includes the original message text [2].
  3. You can set any From: address for autoreplies [3].
  4. You don't need to create a shared mailbox for autoreplies.

    AutoReply 365 example message

The product is a cloud service. Current version:


  1. Create a contact for autoreply service.
    In Office 365

    AutoReply 365 - contact

  2. Create a rule.

    In Office 365 web interface

    AutoReply 365 - rule

  3. Send a message with subject "Test IvaSoftAutoreply 1" to the mailbox you have set in the rule conditions ("TestMbx" on the picture).
  4. Let us know your autoreply text.

    Send a message to testAutoReply365(at) containing the HTML formatted autoreply message. Example:

    <B>This mailbox is not monitored.</B>

    We'll send you back an e-mail confirming that you can test the service during a week.


  1. Send a test message to the mailbox you have set in the rule conditions ("TestMbx" on the picture).
  2. In a minute you will receive an autoreply.

    AutoReply 365 - testing


Licensing policy: the product is licensed on annual subscription basis. In other words, one license allows you to use one autoreply rule during one year.

Number of rules Individual price   Your payments will be securely processed by Share-it  
1-10 USD 150   Shopping Cart
11-50USD 129
From 51USD 109
All transactions are securely processed by our external registration providers.   Customer Care Center

We charge a USD 5 fee to change the text of autoreply message or the From: address of autoreply message.

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