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AutoReply Flow for Office 365
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Updated: 2-February-2019
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In Office 365 each user can control personal automatic reply settings (formerly "Out of Office assistant").

Most businesses that use Office 365 have to generate auto replies for messages sent to common corporate addresses (, etc.). Usually the companies use a combination of the shared mailbox and Outlook rule "Have server reply using a specific message". However there are some disadvantages with this method:

AutoReply flow has the following features:

  1. The subject line of auto-reply message consists of the prefix ("Confirmation:", "Autoreply:" etc) and the Subject line of original message.
  2. If an original message has the Reply-To: address field then an auto-reply message will be sent to this address. If an original message has no the Reply-To: address field then an auto-reply message will be sent to the From: address of the original message.
  3. You can set any content of the auto-reply message.
  4. The body of auto-reply message includes the original message text.

    AutoReply Flow example message

The product is a MS Flow template.

Current version:


  1. Send a test message to that contans a word "test" in Subject line.
  2. In 5 minutes you'll get an auto-reply message.
This product can be used by any Office 365 user who can run Microsoft Flow.


 This flow is designed to auto-reply to the messages that are received by Office 365 shared mailbox.

What you get after purchase

You'll get a link to the file named You have to download this file and then import it to your flows list as described here.


Licensing policy: the product is licensed based on the number of shared mailboxes where it will run. If you wish to set the auto-reply flow on 3 shared mailboxes you have to buy 3 licenses.

Number of shared mailboxes Individual price   Your payments will be securely processed by Share-it  
1-10 USD 150   Shopping Cart
11-50USD 129
From 51USD 109
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