nMessage Form

Publication Date: 27-Sep-1999

This form demonstrates how can you substitute default message form in OL2000. You can choose any of three possible modes while reading/composing Email - brief, normal or full headers. The form let you read all Internet headers of ingoing message on the fly.

Before downloading the form please download and install MS OL2000 Forms Administrator (part of MS Office 2000 Resource Kit).
Please make sure CDO library is installed. To do that exit Outlook, start Office2000 installation, select Add or Remove Features, then expand Microsoft Outlook for Windows and mark Collaboration Data objects as Run from My Computer (if it's unmarked). Then click Update Now.
Then download nMessage form.
After downloading please unpack nmessage.zip and execute nmessage.oft. Publish it in your Personal Forms Library (Tools-Forms-Publish Form As...) as nMessage (IPM.Note.nMessage). Then exit Outlook, start MS OL2000 Forms Administrator (FormSwap.Exe) and select Mail (IPM.Note) in the first line, type IPM.Note.nMessage in the second and fourth lines and IPM.Note in the third line. Then click Save and Close buttons. Now you're ready to execute Outlook again and check it.

I've tested this form with OL2000 (both CW and IMO) and MS WindowsNT Workstation 4.0

It's just a Beta version and I'll be glad to know your impressions.

Download MS OL2000 Forms Administrator.

Download nMessage form.

Feel free to send me your comments and criticism.

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