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PubNotify for MS Exchange 2000

Updated: 4-December-2002


This application allows you to notify users when new item appears in the Exchange public folder. Notification message looks like NET SEND message. The application is Exchange store synchronous event sink.


On your Exchange 2000 Server computer:
1. Create (or select) a mail-enabled user account that is a member of the local Administrators, Domain Admins, Domain Users and the Exchange Domain Servers security groups. Also make this account an Exchange Full Administrator, using the Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard in the Exchange System Manager console.
2. Log on as that user.
3. Create C:\Program Files\PubNotify\ directory.
4. Download archive file to C:\Program Files\PubNotify\ directory and extract all files. Make sure the files install.exe, uninstall.exe and PubNotify.dll are exist there.
5. Start install.exe, then press the INSTALL button on the PubNotify installation form.
6. Make sure OK signs appear in the "COM+ object installation...", "PubNotify public folder creating...", "Event sink registration creating..." rows.
7. Now press the EXIT button.


1. Open Outlook 97/98/2000/2002, navigate to Public Folders/All Public Folders/PubNotify.
2. Right-click on PubNotify folder and choose Properties. In Description text box you will see
It is the list of notification recipients. Note the computer network name is using as a recepient id. if you like you can edit this list using comma as separator.
3. Using Outlook, post the note (Ctrl+Shift+S) to the PubNotify public folder. After that you will see the notification on the targeted computer screen. It means the PubNotify application is working correctly.

I have tested PubNotify with Exchange 2000 SP1/SP2/SP3 under MS Windows 2000 Advanced server.


1. Start C:\Program Files\PubNotify\uninstall.exe
2. Press the UNINSTALL button on the PubNotify uninstallation form.

If you need to register PubNotify in other folder you can use Exchange Explorer utility, that is a part of Exchange SDK.

This application is freeware. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support services to users of freeware IvaSoft products.

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