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RestrictExtRecips for Outlook 365
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Updated: 26-November-2019
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As you know, Exchange online limits the number of recipients (both internal and external) per message for each mailbox.
There is no way to limit the number of external recipients a certain group of people can send to.

If you run Outlook OWA or Outlook 365 on Windows or Outlook on Mac, RestrictExtRecips add-in will solve this problem.

Let's suppose an Exchange online administrator has created a distribution list named "RestrictExtRecips_2". Number 2 after underscore means that each member of this list cannot set more than 2 external recipients in his message. If a user adds 3 or more external addresses to the "To:" or "CC:" field then the message will not be sent and a warning notification will be shown.

The application is an add-in for Outlook 365/Exchange online.

Current version:



  2. As a user with exchange online administrator role log into exchange admin center. Create a distribution list [1] named RestrictExtRecips_2. To the "Notes" place the prefix "Non-restricted:" and the comma-delimited string of internal domains [2]. Example:


    Make sure you are a member of the distribution list 'RestrictExtRecips_2' [3]. Do not add more than 2 members to the list as you run the demo.

    RestrictExtRecips addin installation Picture 1

  3. Login to your Office 365 and select Outlook. Click "New Message" button. Select More actions at the bottom of the message.

    RestrictExtRecips installation picture 2

  4. Go to the bottom of the list and select RestrictExtRecips installation picture 3 Get Add-ins. Select My Add-ins. Scroll down and click Add a custom add-in.

    RestrictExtRecips installation picture 4

    From the drop-down list, select "Add from URL...". Place to the "Enter the URL of the add-in's manifest file:" field. Click OK button [1]. Now you'll see a warning message. Click Install button [2].
    Note that by clicking "Install" you agree with EULA.

    RestrictExtRecips installation picture 5

  5. Make sure that RestrictExtRecips is in the list. Click Close icon Close icon to close "Add-ins for Outlook" window.

    RestrictExtRecips installation picture 6


  1. Open OWA and create a new message. Insert 3 external addresses in the To: field". Populate the Subject: field. Click the Send button. 2 warning notifications will appear.

    RestrictExtRecips add-in testing Picture 1

  2. Note that you can place any amount of external recipients into the "BCC:" field.


  1. Login to your Office 365 and select Outlook.
  2. Click "New Message" button. Select More actions at the bottom of the message.

    RestrictExtRecips uninstallation picture 1

  3. Go to the bottom of the list and select RestrictExtRecips installation picture 2 Get Add-ins. Select My Add-ins.
  4. Click on "My Add-ins" and click three dots icon near RestrictExtRecips add-in
    and select Remove

    RestrictExtRecips uninstallation picture 2

   RestrictExtRecips has been tested with:

   RestrictExtRecips does not work with:


About this demo version


Q. Can I restrict the number of internal recipients too?
A. Yes. Delete the prefix "Non-restricted:" and the comma-delimited string of internal domains from the Notes field of restrictextrecips_XX group. After that the addin will restrict both internal and external recipients.
RestrictExtRecips add-in F.A.Q. picture 1

Q. Will it help us be more GDPR compliant?
A. Yes. As you know, sharing the email addresses with other recipients is a breach of GDPR regulations - have a look at this article: 5 Ways Your Emails Could Breach GDPR. With RestrictExtRecips you can force users to use "BCC:" instead of "To:" and "CC:".

Q. How can I define the number of external recipients?
A. This number is defined by the name of the distribution list.

Q. What happens if the mailbox is a member of several "RestrictExtRecips_XXX" distribution lists?
A. The lowest number has priority over others.

Q. May I hide "RestrictExtRecips_XXX" distribution list from address lists?

RestrictExtRecips add-in F.A.Q.Picture 1
A. No, don't do that. As soon as you you hide a distribution list, it becomes invisible for RestrictExtRecips add-in.

Q. I've created 2 DLs: RestrictExtRecips_3 (10 members) and RestrictExtRecips_10 (15 members). How many licenses should I buy?
A. 15 ones.


Licensing policy: the product is licensed on a per-computer (sometimes called per-workstation) basis.

Number of licenses Individual price Your payments will be securely processed by Share-it
€ 35
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€ 32
Site license
€ 1800
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Enterprise license
€ 7000
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Site license covers a single organization in one location (building complex). If you purchase a site license, you may use the program in an unlimited number of your company's computers within this area.
Enterprise license covers all computers of single organization world-wide. If your company has many branches even with thousands of machines, Enterprise license covers them all.

If you are running Outlook on Windows Terminal Services or Citrix, you should purchase a Site license for each Citrix/TS server.

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