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RightFrom COM Add-in

Updated: 16-February-2007
There is another group mailbox-related utility here: UniSent

Suppose that Outlook user John Doe has access to his personal mailbox and to the additional mailboxes (usually "Info" <>, "Sales" <> etc.) on Exchange server. John Doe receives an email that sent to Sales. If he wants to reply as Sales, he has to fill in the From field of the reply message with "Sales".
RightFrom automates the filling in the From field based on the current mailbox name. So if you are replaying the message that sits in Inbox folder of Sales mailbox, it's sender name will be Sales, and then you forward the message that sits in Inbox folder of Info mailbox, then the sender becomes Info.

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Download archive file. Unpack Exit Outlook in case it is running. Execute Setup.exe.
After completing the installation start Outlook.
In Outlook 2000/XP/2003 you should click Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced options...-> COM Add-Ins.
In Outlook 2007 you should click Tools -> Trust Center -> Add-ins. Then select "COM add-ins" in the Manage: listbox (in the bottom of the page) and click Go button.
You will see checked RightFrom COM add-in in the list there.


Open Outlook. Create a new message and make its From field visible. The From field will be empty.
Navigate to your additional mailbox Inbox folder. Then create a new message again. You will see the additional mailbox name in the From field.

RightFrom picture

I have tested RightFrom with Outlook 2000/2002(XP)/2003/2007 on MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP against Exchange 5.5/2000/2003 server.

About this demo version

RightFrom demo version works only for additional mailboxes whose names include "TEST".
The full version has no limitations.


Q. I followed the installation instructions and the products both work great - except for one problem. I keep getting a message that pop's up and says: "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?" This didn't happen until I installed this software. Is this something obvious to you that can be prevented?
A. These warnings are the result of Outlook security system activity. To eliminate them please download Redemption library and install it. After that RightFrom will run in cooperation with Redemption and Outlook will work with no warnings at all.
I have got the registered version of Redemption library and so I have right to include it as part of RightFrom registered version distribution package.

Q.  We do not want to use Redemption. Can you offer an alternative?
A.  If your clients are Outlook 2002/2003 running against Exchange 5.5/2000/2003, then you can use the Administrative form in the Outlook Security Settings Public Folder to add RightFrom (special "trusted code" version) to the list of Trusted Add-ins.
See Administrative Options for the Outlook E-mail Security Update for more information.

Q. Some of our users have the feature "use Word as text editor for mail" switched on... Are my findings correct, when I say that RightFrom does not seem to work in that case?
A.  If you run Outlook 2000 using Word as e-mail editor option, then RightFrom can work only if you set Microsoft Outlook Rich Text as message format.
See OL2000: Office E-mail Messages Do Not Have Inspectors for more information.

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Licensing policy: the product is licensed on a per-computer (sometimes called per-workstation) basis.
If you are running Outlook on Windows Terminal Services or Citrix, you should purchase 10 licenses for each Citrix/TS server or a Site license.

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Site licenseEUR 1050.00
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Enterprise licenseEUR 4500.00
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Site license covers a single organization in one location (building complex). If you purchase a site license, you may use the program in an unlimited number of your company's computers within this area.
Enterprise license covers all computers of single organization world-wide. If your company has many branches even with thousands of machines, Enterprise license covers them all.
If you are running Outlook on Windows Terminal Services or Citrix, you should purchase 10 licenses for each Citrix/TS server or a Site license.

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