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ShowAlias for Outlook 365
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Updated: 13-December-2018
     See also: ShowAlias for Outlook
ShowAlias has been created to allow an Outlook 365 user to see if an e-mail has been sent to his main (default) e-mail address or an alias address.

Current version:

The utility is a Web application.


  1. Read End User License Agreement.
  2. Login to your Office 365 and select Outlook. Choose the gear icon [0] in the upper-right corner and choose "Manage add-ins". Click on "Click here to add a custom add-in" [1].From the drop-down list, select "Add from URL..." [2]. Place to the "Enter the URL of the add-in's manifest file:" field [3]. Click OK button [4]. Now you'll see a warning message. Click Install button [5].
    Note that by clicking "Install" you agree with EULA.

    ShowAlias installation picture 1

  3. Make sure that ShowAlias is in the list. Click "Close" to close the add-ins tab [6].

    ShowAlias installation picture 2


  1. From external address you can operate (i.e. send a test message to you default address and another test message to your alias address.
  2. Open the message sent to alias. Click ShowAlias icon [1]. ShowAlias pane will appear. Click the pin icon [2] to "pin" the pane in the open position. Note there is the "Received as: ..." field [3]. ShowAlias testing - picture 1

 ShowAlias has been tested with:  

 ShowAlias does not work with:  

 This application is a freeware. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support services to users of freeware IvaSoft products.

Feel free to send us your comments and criticism.

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