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SmartFrom COM Add-in

Updated: 12-April-2005

This utility is a helper application for ChooseFrom for Exchange 2000/2003.

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Suppose your Exchange server supports two e-mail domains: and User Joh Doe has two e-mail addresses: (primary address) and
SmartFrom. John Doe's SMTP addresses
He can receive messages sent to both of these addresses. When sending a new message, the user can select which email address should appear in the from field, as ChooseFrom applicaton allows him to do that.

Problem: John Doe does not want to put "" string in the 'Have replies sent to:" field each time he send a message as

Solution: SmartFrom allows just type "" in the From field or click "From:" button and select that address from the Personal address book.

SmartFrom is an Outlook COM add-in.



1. Open Outlook as John Doe and create a new e-mail message.
2. Place to the From field and Test1 to the Subject field.
You can also place John Doe <> there.
SmartFrom testing picture #1
3. Place in the To: field any address you can control and send the message.
4. Navigate to the Sent Items folder and find the message you have just sent.
5. Open it. Select View -> Options.
SmartFrom testing picture #2
6. Make sure the "Have replies sent to:" field is filled with:
SmartFrom testing picture #3

I have tested SmartFrom with Outlook 2000/2002/2003.


SmartFrom can work correctly only if Redemption library is installed.

About this version.

This version of SmartFrom utility is fully functional.

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